pollen is la’s first mobile flower cart where a florist is on stand-by, literally, to help you curate a fantastic bouquet for any occasion. pollen was inspired by, franklin, a puppy who always smells flowers on his walks in the neighborhood. in fact, franklin often graces the scene as pollen’s mascot during shows/events.

pollen carries fresh cut seasonal flowers that are locally grown and customers really enjoy hand-picking their stems from our bountiful flower cart. creating a personalized bouquet is a unique way to express yourself, whether you give it as a gift or keep it for yourself!

not many people know, but fresh flowers have so many benefits. in fact, a room with fresh flowers enhances the atmosphere, reduces anxiety and improves air quality. all that and it’s also a great celebratory element.

create your bespoke bouquet with pollen!


pollen enjoys hanging out during the day and night. we could be at a private event where both teens and adults enjoy building bouquets. you might also see us at local business pop-up, at neighborhood farmers markets, corporate events and birthday parties. we’ve been blooming at special events, like weddings and bridal showers. trendy handcrafted bouquets are always a good idea and los angeles is a great place to spread the floral love!

pollen loves the kiddos too – we have such a blast celebrating kids birthday parties and even fundraisers at their schools! other times we are peddling around in the sunny streets of los angeles and hope to meet you soon!



it’s always a good time for flowers. pollen uses seasonal blooms and the variety keeps changing throughout the year for beautiful medley of bouquets. you don’t have to wait for a holiday to enjoy flowers. however, pollen does all holidays events (valentine’s day, new years eve, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, kwanza, hanukkah, 4th of july, memorial day, labor day, president’s day, st. patrick’s day, easter, mothers day, fathers day, even groundhog day!)

“i wanted to bring back the traditional gesture of bringing home fresh flowers, but give it a modern flare with artisanal details and bespoke elements. our flower cart at pollen truly offers a unique interactive experience that reflects your own personal style.” 


– kathleen

founder and creative

our promise

pollen always carries fresh seasonal stems and offers one-of-a-kind creations with the blooms you hand-pick from our flower cart. we guarantee you will enjoy personalizing your floral masterpiece and walk away with a smile!

book us for your special event. we would love to be there and celebrate with you for upcoming birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, corporate event, or something we can create together. we’re open to hearing your event idea and happy to plan together.

all our bouquets are made to order. we use fresh seasonal flowers from california grown flower fields. every season we carry a different variety of blooms and greens for your flower arrangements.